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Best Cleaning Services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and all over the UAE: 

Are you looking for cleaning services in Dubai, UAE? Helpire connects you with the best cleaning service providers at affordable rates in Dubai and all UAE.

Cost-efficient Cleaning Services in Dubai and the UAE:

Helpire makes it easy to hire professionals, providing top-rated cleaning services all over Dubai, providing quality cleaning services at affordable rates in Dubai & the whole UAE.

Satisfactory Services:

Our vetted professionals focus on giving satisfactory cleaning services to customers and providing services according to their needs & demands.

Cleaning services include:

  • Home cleaning services in Dubai, UAE.
  • Disinfection services in Dubai, UAE.
  • Deep cleaning services in Dubai, UAE.
  • Commercial cleaning services in Dubai, UAE.
  • Moving cleaning services in Dubai, UAE.
  • Sofa cleaning services in Dubai, UAE.
  • Carpet cleaning services in Dubai, UAE.
  • Curtain cleaning services in Dubai, UAE.
  • Mattress cleaning services in Dubai, UAE.
  • Water Tank cleaning services in Dubai, UAE.
  • AC cleaning services in Dubai, UAE.
  • Duct cleaning services in Dubai, UAE.
  • Windows cleaning services in Dubai, UAE.
  • Full-time maid services in Dubai, UAE.

Why choose us:

Our pre-screened professionals analyze the customer requirements and provide them the best solution. They are offering the best cleaning services anywhere in Dubai and throughout the UAE.

Cleaning Services Dubai and all over UAE, even though regular tidying causes your home to show up clean from the outside, certain regions contain residue and small dirt particles, influencing the general cleanliness and look of the house. We Helpire will do this junk out of your zone, so It is vital to regularly clean the house once a week, with the goal that the home stays splendid, new, and flawless all through.

With the assistance of our expert cleaning pros, help in keeping your home perfect and hygienic. We select our cleaning pros after a careful personal investigation and give thorough preparation to them intermittently. This guarantees the business gets the chance to work through our pros and our clients to get an incomparable cleaning service.

General cleaning service in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and UAE: Our service providers endeavor to tidy, vacuum, and wipe all house rooms according to your necessity.

Room cleaning service in Dubai UAE: This incorporates general cleaning of sleeping cushions, blinds, closets, and other furnishings and installations in your room.

Kitchen cleaning service in Dubai & UAE: Our expert cleaners clean the dust that aggregates on your kitchen divider. We embrace cleaning of hard to arrive at spots like under and behind the appliances, over the kitchen cupboards, and under the sink: cleaning dishwasher, oven, fridge, stove, and all floor surfaces.

Washroom cleaning service in all Dubai & UAE: Our Pros embraces the cleaning of the bath, restroom sink, and cupboards. Pros will clean the washroom tiles and different fittings in the restroom.

Notwithstanding the above mentioned, our expert Pros likewise attempt an intensive cleaning of your floor covering, sleeping pad, drapery, and couch in this manner, giving a new and clean look to your interior.

Disinfection cleaning services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and all UAE are top-rated. Sometimes, simply cleaning surfaces with cleanser and water is sufficiently not to keep the spot perfect and safe. This makes the sterilizing and purifying fundamentals where the germs and microorganisms are wiped out. We are a professional cleaning and sterilizing for homes, workplaces, and distribution centers in Dubai and UAE areas utilizing UAE district-endorsed synthetic compounds. Purifying is a procedure that diminishes and even eliminates germs on surfaces to reach. Sterilizing requires a lot more grounded combination to obliterate all the germs. Sanitizers are synthetics that can kill 99.99% of bacteria(not infection and parasite) in 30 seconds while disinfectant is items that can demolish all life forms in a short time.

How do we clean and purifying?

We utilize disinfectants dependent on hydrogen peroxide, which is a short, unharmful, and unscented fluid. There is a wide range of disinfectants for a wide range of surface floors, dividers, tables, upholstery, and appliances. Pros use clinic-grade surface disinfectant to purify the surfaces for the end of infections and sterilize the surfaces. The substance is unharmful to use around kids and pets as it is food grade, skin-safe, eco-safe, and biodegradable.

The fundamental advances included are:

Stage 1: All the surfaces are cleaned and cleaned to evacuate all the dust or residue particles.

Stage 2: The cleaning disinfectant is sprayed on the surfaces and left for 10-15 minutes to break down and consumed.

Stage 3: At last is to wipe every single wet territory where the disinfection was sprayed.

Pros utilize a reduced and strong steam cleaner that offers tremendous force and guaranteed purification. Steaming is accomplished for furniture, couches, beds to get cleaned. As indicated by contemplates, steam cleaning kills 99.99% of essential family unit microorganisms. Steam has such a substantial impact. Steaming is an ideal method of cleaning and sterilizing than some other strategy utilizing synthetic substances. It is progressively productive and conditions amicable as it uses no substance cleaning specialists and low water utilization. Understanding this, we decide to do steaming for conveying a sterile clean in Dubai and the UAE.

Pros will disinfect and clean all the kitchen region, washroom, utensils, rooms, and furniture without tedious scouring and cleaning if you think your home or office requires disinfection and cleaning in Dubai and all across UAE.

It is significantly vital to have often your premises cleaned, regardless of whether it’s your home or work environment. Moving into another house or villa is likewise one reason to have the spots profoundly cleaned before you begin settling in.

Microscopic organisms and germs enter the spot with air and remain, causing wellbeing impacts. Our expert profound steam cleaning is finished with the assistance of steam cleaners, assisting with dispensing with microorganisms, germs, recolors, and even scents from surfaces. It is much more successful than ordinary cleaning.

At Helpire, we think about the need for every client and give simple, fast, and effective help. Our help group is accessible nonstop and can book the administration at any favored time, morning, early afternoon, or night. We give the best profound cleaning administration in Dubai and the UAE that our clients return for.

Step No. 1 

Roof fan sharp edges washed

Light apparatuses hand washed set up not expelled

Light and lampshades cleaned or vacuumed with connection

Light switch plates washed

Blinds and windows vacuumed or washed

Smaller than average Blinds cleaned and washed 

Burner and stove area washed

Step No. 2

Furniture cleaned, fronts, sides, legs as well as vacuumed 

All Cabinet fronts cleaned 

All doors washed 

Pictures and decor hand cleaned 

Ledges and backsplashes washed 

Mirrors Windexed right to top 

Tub/Shower tiles washed

Step No. 3

Beds made incorporates ace and any extra beds 

Stairsteps vacuumed, wood washed 

Moldings, woodwork, and window ledges hand washed or cleaned 

Floors vacuumed or potentially cleaned incorporates storage rooms 

Baseboards hand washed or cleaned, reachable without moving furnishings 

Vacuum all floor covering hole fissure along the edge where bugs, creature hair, cover strands gather 

Wastebaskets purged, cleansed, and refined.

The sort of office cleaning in UAE that you need, the kind of cleaning that makes your organization what it is, and does with the goal that your business condition is substantially more gainful and dynamic. We can clean organizations of any sort, and we don’t show any partiality or predisposition. We tend the business spaces as well as distribution centers and other associated structures.


Without much of a change from housekeeping in UAE to office cleaning, they have the intrinsic skill to clean such business whether they are nearby businesses and organizations. Size and size aren’t an issue. Your business venture is where we might want to show our cleaning ability.


Office cleaning is finished with demonstrable skills and perfect exactness. We realize that you need to have the ideal cleaning condition for your office in UAE, which can convey. Clean situations of any size and specialty.

Make modified cleaning intends to consider the distinction in size and specialty to ensure that the best cleaning is rendered. All organizations are not the equivalent; in this way, they treat every one of the organizations contrastingly; however, the cleaning is constantly done flawlessly.


We realize that in an office domain that there is a ton of delicate information lying around. You would need to have maximum security over these things, and when we confess all the workplace space, we regard this secrecy. There will be no impedance with any of your property, and we are there to just give you the best office cleaning in UAE. This is one of the center standards with which we play out our cleaning administrations.

Not just your office

Cleaning pros are not simply confined to your office; Pros can clean your other partnered structures, including any semblance of stockrooms, representative lofts, carports, and so on. In fact, you can send over faculty to successfully clean your business building itself. Our extension is tremendous and ensures that workplace cleaning is done consummately.

We at Helpire connects you with the accompanying office cleaning company at the lowest costs:

Office room cleaning

Floor covering cleaning

Washroom cleaning

Couch cleaning

Window cleaning

Work environment cleaning

On the off chance that you need help with cleaning your office, don’t stop for a second to send a request for contact, and we are glad to connect you with Our expert office cleaning professional who can assist you with that.

What’s the procedure?

Set aside time and money with us. Examine our database, the perfect individual, and get in touch with them.

You can CHECK pictures, names, nationality, and so forth.

Update when you are prepared to reach.

Spare a great many Dirhams

No shrouded organization charges by utilizing our Nannies and Maids administration.

A few organizations will ask you up to 8000AED to discover you a caretaker or, on the other hand, a house cleaner. With us, the beginning cost is 2900AED!

What are you looking for?

You would now be able to book a full-time house cleaner for the span of one, two, or a month OR A YEARLY CONTRACT to assist you with your everyday errands whenever you need.

Will ensure:

No paperwork

No agency fees

No hidden costs

Every one of the CANDIDATES is in the UAE! you can check

Nannies and Maids for short or full time.

You can pick the age, the experience, and numerous different boundaries.

Pick present moment or part-time employees

just as after-school caretakers, short term, full time, live in, or live out.

Find the ideal Nanny or potentially Maid today!

Look at the enormous and screened database of confirmed caretakers and housekeepers.

Every one of our specialists has been wholly prepared to perceive and securely clean a wide assortment of textures utilizing demonstrated methods.

Upholstery can imply any family thing with texture on it, including however not constrained to couches, draperies, lounge area seats, and pads. While routinely utilizing a vacuum on your upholstery will keep it sensibly spotless, it is essential to have your upholstery expertly cleaned in any event two times every year. Our expert hardware and prepared specialists can securely extricate particles from the most profound pieces of your upholstery, leaving it looking, smelling, and feeling new.

As a significant aspect of our clients’ responsibility, Helpire utilizes the best hardware and items. We have the head of the range Santoemma Italian fabricated hardware and use synthetic cleaning compounds imported from the UK. We can likewise apply a safe defensive covering to your furnishings, assisting with guarding against future spillages and helping delay the valuable existence of your upholstery.


Just as improving your furniture’s life expectancy, we additionally suggest our upholstery cleaning professionals improve your home’s indoor air quality and keep allergens under control. We recommend planning a clean somewhere around clockwork (when a quarter for those with asthma or related hypersensitivities).

Pros have experience working with both private and business clients in UAE.

By performing master rug and upholstery cleaning service to your family home or your business, it is reliably giving top-quality workmanship and exceptional client care. Our pros undertake to surpass desires from the principal call. Rugs are excellent increments to any home. Be that as it may, they can be an agony to perfect too. Stress not for we offer sweeping floor covering cleaning in Dubai!
We will deal with those stains, mud, and soil for you. Regardless of whether those unattractive spots are from spilled food or drinks, or they are dust followed in by the individuals and pets in your home, we will dispose of them without inconvenience.
Each rug will be maneuvered carefully and cleaned, just utilizing non-destructive materials. We additionally offer vacuuming administrations. Have confidence that your floor covering will be come back to you at great request, less the grime!
Slick and Net give proficient floor covering cleaning administrations. We manage any soil and a wide range of floor coverings: engineered and woolen, silk, Iranian, hand-made, and so on. Our group of specialists is utilizing the best cleansers available and top-notch gear, which permits:
Clean soil and residue somewhere within a rug
Eliminate microscopic organisms contamination, which emerges because of the day by day utilization
Evacuate various kinds of stains, for example, food, refreshments, creature spots, stains, and so forth.
On the off chance that you need us to clean the floor coverings at your home, we can get and convey your rug whenever the timing is ideal!

You don’t need to be a virtuoso to comprehend the significance of perfect, safe water. Not at all like numerous nations that have the advantage of water direct to tap, UAE residents get water through a tank and siphon framework. The burden of utilizing water tanks is that debris and different contaminants can develop after some time. This makes the ideal rearing condition for microorganisms, for example, Legionella, just as an assortment of other water-borne illnesses.


Ensure your water is protected by SENDING REQUEST for your next water tank cleaning service:

Master professionals who are entirely arranged with the right tools

Complete cleaning and sterilization of your water tank

Last examination of the tank with the cleanup




Far-reaching expulsion of dust utilizing a great weight washer with hand instruments used for detail territories.


This wipes out all contaminants.


Broad flushing, assortment, and depleting of grimy water with a submarine siphon.


A visual audit of the administrations gave previously/after photos of the perfect tank imparted to the client.


The significance of expert water tank cleaning:


Professional cleaning encourages you to dispose of the contaminants subtly prowling in your water tank, guaranteeing safe, hazard-free water at whatever point you need it.


Standard upkeep not just guarantees a protected and clean condition for your water stockpiling – however it can likewise help improve the life span of your tank.


According to a WHO World Water Day Report, over 3.4 million individuals are consistently influenced by water-borne ailments. The straightforward demonstration of cleaning your water tank might be sufficient to shield you and your family from water-borne infections.


While your water tank is being cleaned, the group will likewise check the condition and adequacy of different equipment components, including the buoy valve, foot valve, and attractions pipe – possibly keeping you from mentioning a get-out for additional support.


In the UAE, you live with the AC System continually. It’s in every way that matters your second arrangement of lungs. It gives you the air your breath, and that is the explanation; it is fundamental to keep your AC framework clean reliably.

The most powerful excellent frameworks are made of two segments, the fabulous unit, and an air pipe. Both and not one is cleaned as the cooled air flows through both before diverting out from the vents to give you the solace you require. The effective cleaning of the two areas is fundamental to keep up indoor air quality. 

Be wary, as the regular AC cleaning is done on most ACs in the UAE isn’t sufficient except if it is an effective cleaning followed by deep disinfection And by following a broad strategy for the extraordinary cleaning of all parts of your AC system, including evaporator coils, drainage tray, filters, duct framework, and air vents.

Complete Process of Air Conditioning Servicing and Cleaning

Appropriate Uniformed Team’s Arrival and Inspection of AC Unit

1:Cleaning and Servicing of Indoor and Outdoor AC Unit

2:Cleaning and Disinfecting AC Ducts with Cleaners and Vacuum

Channel Cleaning: Blocked or uncleaned channels won’t just give a bad smell in indoor air, yet additionally, green growth, shape, and mold can develop inside the buildup channel line, making it a genuine wellbeing hazard.

Condenser Cleaning: Outdoor gathering unit might be hindered because of soil and trash.

Fan Coil Cleaning: If a fan curl unit isn’t working, it won’t expel heat from your indoor air.

Actuator Cleaning (if pertinent): Keep up the correct incredible water progression through the unit.

Cleaning of AC Ventilation Grills: Front Grills get soil and garbage and necessities legitimate cleaning.

Filter Cleaning: Dirty channels can confine the progression of cool air.

Strainers Cleaning (if appropriate): Dirt or different particles in the water can square chilled water pipes.

If you persistently experience discombobulation, sickness, trouble concentrating, cerebral pains, and different side effects, it may be the case that your house is making you debilitated. On the off chance that the air pipes inside your house are not spotless, you and your relatives can turn out to be sick or have sensitivities.

Regardless of whether your home is new or redesigned, you ought to think about the tidiness of the air channels. Cleaner air in the house makes a more beneficial home. To help guarantee the air that streams in your home or working environment are perfect, contact REQUEST AND the specialists at Air Duct Cleaning to deal with all your channel cleaning and air ventilation needs WILL BE THERE.

Our experts are equipped to take care of all your channel cleaning and upkeep organization for your air channels, dryer vents, and other ventilation needs. Likewise, give sanitization of air conduits, UV lighting framework establishment administration, heater support fix, clean help, water harm rebuilding.

It will improve the indoor air quality in your home. Subsequently, you can confide in us to help produce cleaner air in your home.



As per the Environment Protection Agency, indoor air contamination stays a noteworthy present-day wellbeing concern. As to residue, earth, form, and other unsafe substances amass in conduits and loops of home air frameworks; it can significantly affect the nature of the air we relax. Grimy and rotten pipes have been appeared to contribute to a wide scope of medical issues. They are especially terrible news for patients with respiratory conditions, for example, asthma, or the individuals who experience the ill effects of hypersensitivities.

Any air conduit framework that hasn’t been examined for over a half year or cleaned over the most recent two years could have coincidentally gotten a rearing ground for unsafe contaminants and microscopic organisms. Channel cleaning can amend this, guaranteeing the quality and wellbeing of your air.

Advantages of DUCT CLEANING

More advantageous Living Environment

Pipe cleaning will fundamentally improve your indoor air quality, helping you appreciate a cleaner, more advantageous living condition.

Diminished Exposure To Allergens

Living with sensitivities can be incapacitating, yet you can limit your presentation to those allergens that cause you to endure. A pipe cleaning administration expels many of the most widely recognized allergens from inside your ventilation work. This incorporates soil, residue, garbage, and natural issue like pet hair.

Scent Elimination

Everybody needs and merits a scent-free home. Deodorizers veil terrible stenches, yet channel cleaning can manage the wellspring of the issue, empowering you and your family to make the most of your home without the dread of undesirable fragrances.

Our Pros Provide Commercial, Residential, and High Rise Window Cleaning and Pressure Washing Services. 

Business Services 

Business Window Cleaning 

Weight Washing Services

Skyscraper Window Cleaning

Lodging Window Cleaning

Office Window Cleaning

Customer-facing facade Window Cleaning

Post Construction Window Cleaning

Private Services

Private Window Cleaning

Private Pressure Washing

Canal Cleaning

Mirror and Chandelier Cleaning

Post Construction Window Cleaning

Carport Floor Pressure Washing

Sun oriented Panel Cleaning

Timetable Job

Get Estimate

Get in touch with Pros

Provide Quality Service

If you pick our window cleaning service today, you can ensure excellent work is done by entirely authorized and proficient cleaners. Our staff is exceptionally prepared and outfitted with the vital apparatuses to clean a wide range of windows. We care about our client’s wellbeing and the strength of their friends and family, just as their pets. In this light, we utilize just natural well-disposed items to clean the windows.

We will get a kick out of the chance to see every one of our clients happy with the service that they get from our staff. Clean windows are fundamental in improving the estimation of your property. It’s workable for you to do your private window cleaning or business window cleaning; however, if you need to give them an expert look, we encourage you to consider a contact request.



Specialists start the activity with a review of the action before they set up their gear.


Water leakage can be harmful, however on the off chance of any hazard; our experts will educate you so windows and entryways can be fixed to stay away from it.


Experts will run the hoses, associate the water took care of posts, and enact the siphon on the pure water stockpiling holder inside our master van.


Endless supply of window cleaning, our specialists at that point welcomes you to support the nature of the activity. Following this, we will tidy up before we leave.


Here are the principle advantages of our unadulterated water framework procedure:

More secure CLEANING

Utilizing stretching out shafts to clean the windows wipes out the requirement for stepping stools aside from extremely precarious places to reach.


‘Reach and Wash’ innovation cleans in around a fraction of the hour of customary strategies, and we can give this sparing to you.


Securely arrive at windows up to 70 feet tall.


Unadulterated water acts like a dust magnet with no mineral buildup leaving a glimmering and stain-free completion.

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