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Best Handyman Services in Dubai & UAE:

 Are you looking for handyman services in Dubai & UAE? Helpire connects you with the best handyman services at affordable rates in Dubai.

Cost-efficient Handyman Services in Dubai & UAE:

Helpire makes it easy to hire professionals, providing top-rated handyman services all over Dubai & UAE and providing quality handyman services at affordable rates in Dubai & UAE.

Satisfactory Services:

Our vetted professionals focus on giving satisfactory handyman services to customers and providing services according to their needs & demands.

Our Handyman Services include:

  • General handyman services in Dubai & UAE.
  • Furniture assembly services in Dubai & UAE.
  • Appliance installation services in Dubai & UAE.
  • Equipment installation services in Dubai & UAE.
  • Curtains installation services in Dubai & UAE.
  • Knobs and locks fix installation services in Dubai & UAE.
  • Heavy lifting services in Dubai & UAE.
  • Light fixtures services in Dubai & UAE.
  • Wall hanging services in Dubai & UAE.
  • TV Mounting Services in Dubai & UAE.
  • Custom request services in Dubai & UAE.


Why you choose us:

  • Our pre-screened professionals analyze the customer requirements and provide them with the best solution. They are offering the best cleaning services anywhere in Dubai & UAE.

Handyman Services in UAE

In case you’re searching for the best Handyman services to get you out around the house, look no farther than Helpire. We realize you have an endless rundown of random temp jobs that need doing around your home. In any case, with the requests of work and family, it’s so elusive an opportunity to handle them all.

These occupations should be possible by our professionals without a wince, as they are very knowledgeable in managing it, having done it so often earlier before and in various conditions. They are adept both in residential just as a business working spaces.

We are pleased that every handyman is an incredibly skilled person who is knowledgeable in conveying the correct support or establishment or unspecialized temp jobs. They are not annoyed effectively by the condition they are placed in and are prepared to handle all the issues with expertise. Their knowledge and skill make us outstanding amongst other handyman services in UAE.

When you utilize the Helpire site, you’ll be associated with local handyman experts who can deal with this work for you. Notwithstanding saving your time for the more significant things throughout everyday life, requesting a handyman through the Helpire will give you the security of realizing that things are being taken care of by a specialist. On the off chance that seeing a mallet or screwdriver fills you with nervousness and you’d preferably leave things to an expert, the Helpire is prepared to help.

Surely, the handyman who is working for us are very adaptable in their range of abilities:

Fixing Assembling Tables
Installation of Drawers, Cupboards
Drapes and Window Locks
Carpentry Services
Fixing Mirrors
Fix Cabinet Hinges
Changing Faucets
Switches, Sockets, and some more
  • If you are hoping to get a high-caliber and expert handyman in Dubai at an economical price, at that point, you just need to send the request.

Electrical Services in UAE

If you are searching for the best electrician in your area, Helpire has you secured.

An expert should just attempt a few occupations, and we know you’d preferably not tinker with your electrical wiring or outlets except if you know what you’re doing.

When you utilize the Helpire to hire an expert electrical contractual worker, you can remove all your worry from the condition.

Why risked causing an electrical issue significantly progressively convoluted when you can request an expert electrician to deal with those defective outlets or fix your new lighting.

Sometimes when moving into another villa or apartment or remaining in a similar spot for quite a while, there might be a requirement for standard electrical fittings, fix and support work.

Mainly because of custom electrical works, a preventive check is imperative to stay away from outlandish perils.

Helpire has collaborated with chosen organizations to offer committed support for any electrical help necessity. The glitch of lights, sockets, appliances, water pumps, or anything related to electricity. Our groups give an exhaustive review and undeniable fix, establishment, and upkeep services.

Clients can anticipate a broad scope of services done by any of these accomplices. The services scope includes investigating electrical issues, fixing appliances, intermittent upkeep, establishing the new machines, lighting, and installing new wires and cabling.

You are keeping your home safe from all risks, and forestalling any harm shapes the center of any help.

  • So you can relax, and leave everything to the experts when having a problem with any electrical issues requirements.

Plumber Services in Dubai & UAE

Indeed, even a minor pipes issue can cause plenty of problems if an expert plumber isn’t tended to at the correct time.

For installing or fixing, arranging a little or enormous break, or changing over your fantasy kitchen to the real world, Helpire has you secured.

Guaranteeing your house is issue-free is a lot less complex than before, with Helpire many plumbing arrangements and specialist co-ops to choose from.

A plumber will visit your home and suggest the most suitable and practical choice to address any plumbing issues.

We have a colossal system of expert plumbers everywhere throughout Dubai, with committed groups accessible to support the progressing requests of the market.

Whatever crisis emerges, issues with gas lines, sewer lines, restroom and kitchen channels, broken water warmers or water lines, flooding latrines, or whatever else, you can be guaranteed that our experts will constantly deal with it.

At the point when you have a pipes issue that needs proficient consideration, look no farther than Helpire. Regardless of how gifted you may be at home maintenance, an expert should handle a few services, and plumbing is one of them. 

  • When you request a plumber through the Helpire, you’ll be reserving a modest yet dependable plumber in Dubai who will realize precisely where to hope to discover the wellspring of the issue and who will have the instruments and skill to fix it.

Carpentry Services in Dubai & UAE

Furniture is standard in most home interiors. Stylish and functional, wooden furniture is likewise durable and intense.

Like with most things, abuse prompts the requirement for maintaining. This is the place the necessity for carpentry service in UAE emerges. Woodworker work is fundamental for the upkeep of wooden furniture since regular use prompts free joints, scratches on a superficial level, chipped corners, and even breakage.

Request for a furniture craftsman in UAE who suits your requirements at Helpire fill in your details and send a carpenter to contact you. It could be furniture fix work you require, furniture assembling, handcrafted fittings, or even customization for existing pieces Helpire has you covered.

Our carpenter works at reasonable and competitive prices, guaranteeing that you get the ideal arrangement. They are additionally dependable, punctual, and proficient, which implies that you won’t need to stress over the disturbance of your timetable or the wellbeing of your home and property.

Carpentry services work on a pre-administration assessment technique, where the work to be done and the quote is chosen after investigating the current task.

The main distinction is that while our survey is free of charge, assessment-based service is valued at the minimum pricing. Need a seat, rack, or side table fixed.

  • Request for the best value carpentry fixes today for the entirety of your carpentry needs.

Furniture Assembly Services in UAE

Furniture Assembling services professional Handyman craftsmen who are proficient and experienced in Furniture Assembly services get the job done quick and reliable Handyman for Furniture Assembly will gather your work area or some other sort of furniture as per instruction guidelines. If you need two or three seats for commercial or residential use, if you have a big project, we suggest having more than one handyman that is quick and accomplishes provisional labor for business at the genuinely lowest rates.

Pre-gathered Bedroom Furniture

A seat Assembling

Collect Exotic home venues seating

Furniture gathering administrations

Ikea Assembly administration

Proficient furniture Assembly

Furniture gets together for Apartment

There are no furnishings or hardware that solid and talented specialists can’t deal with. It doesn’t make a difference that your bed is made of metal or wood, or if it’s marked or non-marked, the group will carry out the responsibility in a short measure of time. Our fabulous handyman can likewise offer proficient get-togethers of Gym hardware, Sheds, stockpiles, Indoor retires, swings, and so on. Different present-day outfitting for the Villa.

Honestly, if your furniture looks old and it gives some loud voices. Our handyman can fix it all.

Resurfacing recolored wood and fixing old furnishings:

Covering scratches on wooden surfaces and furniture springs fix:

Kitchen fitting:

If you need a kitchen fitting or do you simply need a revamp a tad? Do you have to supplant the bureau entryways because the old ones have blurred? Handyman gives all of you the administrations like kitchen cabinetry. Multi-gifted and fixing handyman and the expert will deal with everything from get together to fitting units.

Installation of cupboards, cabinets, substitution entryways, shelves, and anything you desire to introduce inside woodwork or divider framing administration is done expertly. You can hire a handyman at only one request. Handyman comes to your place and helps you with whatever you need to assemble.

Moderate Furniture Assembly:

Are you looking for Affordable Furniture Assembly benefits Helpire is the correct decision for the Affordable Furniture Assembly? We give help with quality and moderate range. For an Affordable furniture get-together, our handyman is prepared to work and accessible whenever. We offer each sort of service.

Ikea Assembly administration:

Ikea furniture is intended to be anything but challenging too. If you think that you need assistance and just don’t have the opportunity to do it without anyone’s help, then our handyman for Ikea gathering administration is for you. Our modest and master handyman comes to your doorstep gives you Ikea get-together assistance.

Proficient Furniture Assembling services:

  • We have a Professional furniture gathering handyman who gives the best furniture to assembly help. Our handyman will ultimately collect whatever comes in pieces, so you won’t need to make sense of it all alone. We give proficient furniture get-together help for Apartment, Villa, Business, and all over UAE. Our handyman is quite prepared, and they offer experienced Furniture Assembly service.

If you move into your new home, or in case you need some new gadgets to present, then don’t worry, we are here to help—our expert ability to deliver the establishment of home appliances. At Electrician Dubai, we work with a large number of experts. We introduce all major machine brands in new regional or customer home configurations. Our installers are fully qualified. We present and test appliances and eject and reuse all old packaging machines in our internal reuse office.

Home appliance installation by Dubai electrician

Appliance Installation At Electrician Dubai, we have the best group of workers specialized in Appliance Installation. We have the best and most experienced group of experts. We introduce and fix the appliances in your home.

When you’ve purchased your new device, chances are you’ll need to prepare it for action as quickly as you can expect under the circumstances. From the moment your broadcast appears, we take care of all the subtleties to bring you accurate and complete serenity. Additionally, we offer a wide range of home appliance establishment benefits intended to ease the weight of installing another replacement appliance. By turning the entrances in your icebox or refrigerator, inserting a stove or plate, or disposing of old appliances, we are here to make life more uncomplicated than you may even consider it.

Machine installation

Home Appliance Installation The Dubai Electrician is focused on bringing you excellent value home appliance installation throughout Dubai.

Regardless of whether you recently moved into your home, have a kitchen upgrade, or essentially replace an old appliance, our fully qualified group of installers will ensure that your new residential equipment is expertly equipped and ready for action when you need it. Need.

Installation of machines by Dubai electrician:

Regardless of your appliance needs, we will do our best to go to your home on the date and time that suits you best—aiming that you don’t need to lead while observing permeable cleaning.

We can even make your white and kitchen products more flexible for you, just let us know what you need and give you a statement without commitment to purchase. If you find an excellent deal elsewhere, no problem; We are pleased to present the machines you have purchased from an elective supplier.

Introducing any machine – do your research!

Our installers can help with any machine, unsupported or coordinated, including:

Washing machines

Washers / Dryers

Gas cookers

Electric kitchens

We work competently and impeccably and hold on to all wellness needs for your feelings of genuine and total serenity, and nowhere like some appliance-setting organizations will we even eject your old machine FREE OF CHARGE. Similarly, we will send your unwanted gadgets for reuse instead of just dumping them in a landfill. We accept that we as a whole must care for the earth.

Machine establishments:

Machine Installation Although we are located in Dubai, our home appliance installation administrations distribute colossal territories of Dubai. If Kitchen Designer works at home, we can speak to them to ensure we show up to present your Appliance Installation to fit your schedule, leaving you with one less thing to worry about.


We are not restricted to this administration only; we have a wide range of administrations that can also be extremely useful. These are some of the ones you may be looking for.

Electrical Breakdown Water Pump Repair Water Heater Installation Bathtub Replacement Drain Cleaning Service

Water Leak Service Sliding Door Wheels Replacement Lock Change Washer Installation

Bed Repair Gas Piping Installation AC Cleaning Sprinkler Replacement Door Repair

Dishwasher installation Picture hanging Furniture TV mounting Wall mounting Cable duct

  • Alarm installation Exhaust fan installation Oven installation Tank cleaning Light installation

Gym equipment

From your bike activity, home gym, or commercial gym equipment, yes, we do it all.

What does this service contain?

The sports equipment installation service includes:

Collect one customer-supplied sports equipment according to item instructions

Expulsion of packaging materials to the customer’s container.

Items requiring additional work can generate an updated supplier indicator

Note: Moving sports equipment to another area is excluded.

Why contract with Helpire

Regardless of whether you have to hang a mirror or gather your wellness equipment, we are the best.

Reliable professionals

We are delighted with the responsibility and unwavering quality of our professionals. If you book with us, we will be there on time, and the activity will be over.

Starting price

Handyman Fix allows you to realize what you pay for the service before you book it, and these costs are comprehensive, so you are not disappointed.

Unbeatable prices

  • Not only do we offer an extremely serious estimate, but our polished skill and your compliance are also guaranteed.

Are you looking for a hassle-free window decoration establishment in Dubai? Let Helpire give you a little help with booking your fully prepared slot machine for all the operations of a trusted window trim establishment management. Window decorations are an indispensable piece of a room, not only for magnificence but also for the space. Window trims ensure safety, protection from the exceptional Dubai heat and help keep bright daylight in check. The window decorations are usually substantial and fixed with bars of significant weight. This implies that the activity of the establishment of curtains must be ended with great care. The strategy must be considered to ensure that such substantial materials do not crumble and fall, which will harm life and property. In situations where shade fixation and fixation are required, information on the dividing material and curtain operation should also be considered.

Curtain establishment, repair, and repair are jobs that require many trades, ideally one that is a fully trained expert. The information on complex windows, doorways, railings, and blinds is needed. The cat of all shops must also know different kinds of partitioning materials in homes that need curtain repair in Dubai. This is significant since it is the main factor due to the curtain’s heaviness and the shaded bar. Helpire will put you in contact with a supplier of all the businesses that know your activity: when you book the administration with us, a supplier of all the companies will be sent to your home, with a total of devices for the activity, in the city and the Chosen hour for you. Our group is immediate, reliable, and competent.

Helpire offers Dubai bar installation curtains which is the best in this field in the territory of Dubai. If you need a mastery of all trades, Curtains Installation Dubai is your most ideal decision for a nearby service professional to finish the activity. In case you need a curtain rod establishment, our handyman will give you first-class service.

Trust our experts in all trades to finish the high-quality work that consistently leaves our clients deeply satisfied.

Curtain mounting

Ikea curtain rods

Double curtain rods

Door curtain rod installation

Mounting plaster wall curtain rods

Installation of divider anchors

  • Spring Curtain Rod Installation

Getting a locksmith in UAE can be a dubious business; however, not in the event you go through the Helpire address book. So whether it’s a lock change, lock repair, or if you need a crisis locksmith in UAE, Helpire can set you up with a reliable and all-purpose secure jack for the activity.

Thinking about the delicate idea of the activity and its meaning, blocking and replacing it is not something you should do alone. It is better to leave it to the skill of a competent locksmith fully prepared. Therefore, it becomes essential that you hire a maintenance staff to establish and repair the lock. When booking locksmith administrations in UAE, you must ensure that the locksmith is legitimately enlisted and transmits a substantial exchange permit. You should have protection against external risks like clinical protection. The Helpire locksmith administrations in UAE link you with solid groups that will ensure the classification of sensitive data about your home. Our group of all businesses will arrive at your home on a date and time that will be useful to you: we value your busy schedule and demand that it be instantaneous and that you perform the given activity competently. Since our locksmith administrations rely on evaluations, our all-trade jury will only complete minor corrections within the specified 1-hour departure time limit and charges. Any significant work will require another arrangement for which a charge indicator will be given. Once the activity ends, our professionals provide an order for the site after administration.

Helpire UAE brought to you door lock fixing, which can fix any kind of entrance lock. Do you feel that your entry lock needs to be supplanted, or do you need a solution? At that time, for what reason are you pausing? Just give us a call, and Door Lock Repair UAE will solve all your identified problems with your entry locks. Helpire offers entry block repairs administrations like.

Entry Lock Repair

Entry Lock Installation

Entry Lock Replacement

Inlet Handle Spring Fixing

  • Our expert and front-line cats from all shops are specialists in the introduction and impersonation of entry equipment. From door handles to deadbolts to even chain locks, we’ve got you covered.

Looking for help from expert, trusted, protected light fixture services? Helpire can connect you with the right electrician for you. Whether you’re an expert or a guardian (or both!), Finding an opportunity to renew your lighting can be very strange. Also, if you have not been involved in electrical wiring, it tends to be possibly dangerous. Convenient partners you with specialized neighborhood electrical organizations with important information and the ability to present your lighting quickly and productively.


Update any room with new or repaired lighting

By introducing another lighting fixture or simply fixing the one you have now, you can make a near-time change in any room in your home. Instead of doing it without anyone else’s help, something that is not only confusing and tedious but also possibly risky, let our group of home improvement experts do it for you. We can go to your home and add value and style to any region of your home.


Experienced experts

We are trustworthy, privately claimed, and gifted.

We strive to appear on time constantly.

We do not consider an overly small company for our group!

  • Cean up your plan for the day, and let us take care of your lighting installation needs. Our administrations are protected and must be possible for their careful measures, so you will not only be able to appreciate the light brightness of another installation, but you will also be able to have a true serenity when realizing all the difficulties that have been identified with the electrical administrations—care by a specialist.

Anything that hangs is not as essential as choosing a location and driving a nail through the divider. Activity, in some cases, can be very fragile and may require a skill level that will surprise you. Variables such as the weight of your hanging and the quality of the divider are included, making competent mediation essential. This is where Helpire acts as a hero with capable canvas holders or maintenance staff to hang an overwhelming mirror.

Helpire will make sure your splitter installation experience is fun, limited to going out to town to buy them and choose where to hang them. You won’t have to sweat ideas about specialized things like the part of your home dividers that decide their quality. Rest assured, Helpire paint holders and mirror hanging services are experts, fully trained, and reliable maintenance staff for all your wall turning tasks. The professionals are competent and dependable, arriving at your home on the date and time set by you. Once there, they will verify the prerequisite, distinguish problems, complete the activity, and give you a portion of the completed task. Service providers will also do a post-job cleanup. When done, complete training may seem like something you could have done yourself, but that shouldn’t diminish the importance of hiring a maintenance expert familiar with the subtleties.

The tapestry mirrors and the contours of the images in height that coordinate the level of your eyes;

Montage of overwhelming works of art in places where they complement the stylistic theme and lighting of your home;

Every part of your beautifying dividing artistry will be placed with incredible consideration and tender and loving care;

Guidance from hanging specialists that you can use to get the most benefit from your mirrors and images.

Picture frames hanging on the wall

Large canvas hanging on the wall

Large and heavy mirror hanging on the wall

Canvas mount on the wall

Painting pictures hanging on the wall

  • Penetrating and hanging framework

Are you looking for that TV wall mount service in UAE that makes your TV just like creating the wall it should be mounted on? Helpire will connect you with a TV wall mount establishment management that leaves nothing to chance and configures your TV mount exactly where and how you need it. We are talking about a complex establishment, link regulation, and a wide range of mounting, even fixed and inclined.

Helpire, LCD TV mounting professionals, maintenance staff can be accessed by submitting a request. When you have requested a maintenance staff for the activity, they will appear at your home on the date and time established by you. Our fully prepared experts show up with the necessary tools for the training and any additional material whenever you mention it during the administrative reservation. Maintenance personnel will continue to configure the TV bracket fixation by estimating the gaps according to their position, checking the hole between the TV and the divider, attaching the section after reviewing the type and quality of your wall, and the essential links and associations—link and power, in the house that follows. A TV mounted everywhere is critical to the style of your room but in addition to the well-being of the machine and its property. Televisions are often overwhelming, and a mistakenly mounted display can fall and fall, causing significant damage. Subsequently, it is essential that you completed the assembly of your LCD TV using a solid connector and prepared it for all trades.

At Helpire, we connect you with professionals from the Quality TV Wall Mounting Service.

Gain a better understanding of the survey by exploring a wide range of ceiling mounts or dividers for your television.

We have the right specialists to fix your TV in the right place. Schedule your arrangement now and let the professionals take care of your TV wall mount installation. Helpire technicians will visit your site according to your availability schedule and mount your TV.

Services offered by us:

Establishment: wall mount, tabletop, ceiling mount, movable section swivel mount installation

Associate all the necessary videos and essential audio components

Associating all the required peripherals

Connect and Connect Executives – Carefully Dressed Wires

  • A safe job When the maintenance personnel finishes their work, you can ensure that your television has been mounted and installed on the wall in an ideal way. Maintenance personnel will use the excellent mounting sections, depending on the circumstance, to ensure that your television is as protected as could reasonably be expected.
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