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Handy Hints on How to Hire a Handyman

Handy Hints on How to Hire a Handyman

 Renovation means hiring professionals whether big or small. This can be a difficult experience, so these helpful tips have made it easier.

  • Check the legal requirements for the job
  • Get all quotes in writing
  • Build professional relationships
  • Be aware of timings and potential delays.
  • Receipts, warranties, and guarantees

Check the legal requirements for the job

  1. Will your handyman need a license?
  2. Do you require any permits or approval?
  3. Are there requirements for a certificate of compliance?
  4. Do you require a written contract or agreement?
  5. Does a handyman need insurance?
  6. Are there occupational health and safety requirements? If you need to build scaffolding.

Receive all quotes in writing. The quote should include:

  1. Detailed information – about what is covered by the scope of work.
  2. Company details – account details, license (if applicable), contact details.
  3. Agreed schedule – indicating how long the task will take and when it will be finished.
  4. Terms of payment – advance payment, progress payment, payment after completion of work.
  5. Your professional must offer multiple payment options.

Build a professional relationship through clear communication

  1. Make sure you are satisfied before hiring handyman.
  2. If you need to make a difference in the agreement, be sure to put it in writing before the job is completed. Keep in mind that estimates can change when you add or change parts of a business.
  3. When you call a sales representative, please allow 24 hours for a callback. Some experts might be working and unable to return your call right away.

Be mindful of the timeframe and any potential delays

  1. Always consider holidays or long vacations (Eid, Christmas, etc.). Do not hesitate to ask if there are scheduled holidays that may prevent you from completing your work earlier.
  2. Consider a few significant delays.
  3. Give the task as much time as you can to complete. This will accommodate the last-minute delay.

Receipts, warranties, and guarantees

  1. Always make sure to pay with cash.
  2. If your work comes with a warranty or guarantee, make sure to get it in writing. They must specify what is included and for how long.
  3. A professional can give instructions after the job if needed (i.e. don’t touch the paint for a few hours). Follow all the indications given by handyman. This will allow you to get the most out of your work.

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